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Multiple versions of an album?

Iniciado por Williamhawk, 29 de Octubre de 2017, 07:58:04 AM

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I need your experience and your knowledge. Because I'm not so busy in the music branch. I am musically a banister:)Is it possible that there are several versions of an album? What I mean? Let's make it easier, we'll go over to the movies. We imagine a horror movie. From this horror movie there is then FSK 16, FSK 18 and probably also indexed. And from a horror movie, there's Bloody-Edition, Director's Cut, Cinema-Version and blah. You see, there are countless versions of a single horror movie. And now I wonder if this is also the case with music? For example, if I buy the album "Never mind" by Nirvana, will there be more and more versions of that album? Or is there only this one album - maybe with new editions? Why am I not sure? Unlike the movies, music is not cut to age, according to the motto: Never mind once for FSK 12 and then FSK 16, furthermore, the individual songs can not be "extended", as in a movie. In one version, the movie is - let's say - 2 minutes shorter than the other version. These and other options are not available for music albums, right?


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